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Why Larry Loves Henry

My hair stylist is the best and it is an understatement to say that I love this man. Sean doesn’t just cut and color my hair; Sean provides recommendations on cut, style and product(s) based on my lifestyle, wants and needs. He explains the different color options, why one product may work better for me than another and, most importantly, Sean tells me when I should change it up!  He is an experienced specialist that loves what he does and it shows.

My dog Larry has the most amazing groomer this side of the Mississippi – Henry, a godsend.  It makes me cringe when I think of Larry’s previous hair do’s that resembled the furthest from what I described to the groomer.  Once I thought they shaved him to knit a sweater out of his fur (someone out there is sporting a gorgeous, original Larry-fur sweater).   Back to Henry – Henry always greets Larry and me, asks how we are and asks how I would like Larry’s hairs.

The list goes on and on – my accountant, acupuncturist, aesthetician.  So what makes these professionals so important to me?  In addition to loving what they do, each is skilled and experienced, each keeps current on the advancements and changes within their industry, each has access to the resources needed to provide a great product/service and, maybe most importantly, each listens to their clients and respond to their clients’ needs.  They are my advocates in areas where I lack the knowledge, skill and experience.

As a Realtor®, I pride myself on being my clients’ advocates.  Over the years I have found that clients search for a Realtor® that does much more than just represent them in a transaction.  To provide a quality service, more than representation is needed – they must love what they do and live real estate.  A Realtor® must keep current with the contract, supplemental forms and disclosures.  A good Realtor® finds value in continuing education.  A god Realtor® must have their finger on the pulse of the market – this is essential.  For a seller, the market provides an indication on when to sell, listing price, concessions to the buyer, if any, and how the transaction is negotiated.  For the buyer, the market provides similar indications – when to buy, purchase price, concessions from the seller, if any, and how the transaction is negotiated.  Any Realtor® will agree that every transaction is different.  Each transaction is directly affected by market conditions, relationships and negotiations based on the wants/needs of the buyer and seller.

I will never attempt to groom Larry (nail trim-yes, groom-no), I will never ever attempt to cut or color my hair and I will never give myself a microdermabrasion.  Important things such as these are left to my trusted advocates.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures of Larry before he met Henry and after.

Larry in the holiday spirit with a bad cut 10-10

Larry Grooming

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