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Greener Laundry

Greener Laundry (No Dyes Required)engeffcert400

There are so many simple tips to help people cut back on water use and energy consumption, most of which result in extra money in your wallet. One simple example is right down the hall, or in the basement. Welcome to your laundry room, where efficiency can reign supreme — if you have a newer washer and dryer. If your washer and dryer have some age to them – more than ten years to be precise – chances are they are actually costing you over $130 extra each year through your utility bills.

The time has come to consider (or at least become familiar with) more efficient options. While it may be a small investment up front, your new, efficient washer and dryer will pay for themselves in no time! ENERGY STAR rated washing machines use about 1/3 of the water a standard machine would use. Plus, the dryer cycles complete faster. And who doesn’t love that?

With a couple of rating options available for such machines, it is important to grasp the numbers and figure out what the precise benefits will be for you and your family. This concise blog post offers great insight into the electricity and water used for traditional machines versus the more efficient, labeled machines.

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