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Common Costs to Buyers and Sellers

More often than not, I find that both buyers and sellers alike are not 100% clear about the common costs associated with a purchase and I would love to provide some clarity.  Below, please review the common costs to both buyer and seller.  Please note: Each transaction is unique and fees may vary so please contact your lender, escrow and title company for an exact quote of charges.

Common Costs to Buyers

Lender/Mortgage Broker Fees
Loan Origination Fee
Loan Discount
Appraisal Fee
Credit Report
Processing Fee
Underwriting Fee
Lender’s Inspection Fee
Document Preparation Fee
Tax Service
Flood Certification
Wire Fee to Lender
Prepaid Interest
Admin Fee

Title Company Fees
Lenders Title Policy
Sub Escrow Fee(s)
Record Grand Deed
Record Deed of Trust
Wire Fee, if any

Other Fees/Charges
Homeowners Association Fees, if any
Fire Insurance (please contact your insurance agent for a quotation)
Flood Insurance (if required)
Notary Fees paid to Notary

Escrow Fees
Base Escrow Fee
Loan Tie-in Fee
Messenger Fee
DOC Audit Fee

Common Costs to Seller

Seller’s Loan Payoff
Payoff Statement/Demand Fee
Reconveyance Fee
Prepayment penalty, if any
Recording fee for release

Disbursements Paid
Termite inspection only
Termite completion/repairs
Commission to Realtor®
Transaction Coordinator Fee, if any
Home Warranty
Property Hazard Disclosure
Withholding for Franchise Tax Board, if any
Homeowner’s Association Dues, if any
Homeowner’s Association Transfer fee, if any
Homeowner’s Association Doc Fee, if any

Title Company Fees
Owner’s Policy
Sub Escrow Fee
Recording Fees
Documentary Transfer Tax
Wire Fee, if applicable

Escrow Fees
Base Escrow Fees
Document Preparation Fee
Demand Fee
DOC Audit Fee
Homeowner’s Association Statement Fee, if applicable
Messenger Fee