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Greener Laundry

Greener Laundry (No Dyes Required) There are so many simple tips to help people cut back on water use and energy consumption, most of which result in extra money in your wallet. One simple example is right down the hall,…

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Buying & Selling Walkability

I love walking to the grocery stores, restaurants, my local farmers markets…. the list goes on!  Walkability is becoming increasingly more important for buyers and, for sellers in an area with a high walkability score, this is a factor that…

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West Associates Enhances Property Management Services

My company sent out this press release for me.  So sweet of them!!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Heather Schaible Earns Property Management Certification West Associates Enhances Property Management Services Long Beach, CA – West Associates announced today that Heather Schaible has completed…

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